Joe Jonas and Green Presented Drama at Aerodrome

Joe JonasAn interesting incident took place at an air base in Abu Dhabi. Joe Jonas and his girlfriend Ashley Greene were checked by custom officers at the aerodrome as they were suspected to carry a set of razor sharp knives with them.

In a television interview, Joe Jonas, world famous pop star has confessed that a set of knives have been taken by mistake while packing the carryon luggage. Both celebrities were seen traveling by air. They were traveling from Arab Emirates to New York.

In a press release, Green admitted that she was under fear whether they would be arrested due to violate the law by carrying knives with them on their air trips.

However, in the long run, custom officers permitted them to go Scot free. Cheese cutting knives are sharp and these tools can wound someone if proper care is not taken in time.

Naturally, to carry knives while traveling by air is strictly prohibited. Green has felt it urgent to direct her finger tip at her sweetheart, Jonas who seemed to have taken cheese cutting knives to gift her. It was his fault. Great joke for this year! Isn't it?