Increase in UAE-UK trade to $6.2b in H1 2010

UAE-ImportIn the first half of the year the deal between the UAE and the United Kingdom (UK) increased to $6.2 billion with imports reaching $2.8 billion.

It is revealed by the Ministry of Foreign Trade (MoFT) that the total UAE exports as well as non-oil exports and re-exports to the United Kingdom in the same period was better in the whole preceding year 2009.

In the first half of 2009 UAE’s non-oil exports and re-exports reached $116 million and $316 million respectively. This was released by the Ministry, in front of the forthcoming state visit to UAE. The visit is done by Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

From past few years the non-oil trade exchange has significantly grown. This happened because both countries have shown their intense interest in furthering cooperation and ties in various fields.

In the same period it was marked that the total non-oil trade reached $5.5 billion with UAE exports. This included re-exports, to the UK accounting for over $422 million.

It was found that in year 2009 the total of UAE’s non-oil foreign trade was the UK 3.1 per cent of its.