Airlines lobby against the government

emirates-airlineSome of the major airlines have come together and have lobbied against the government. Surprisingly, the airlines are- Etihad Airways and Emirates Airlines and they have backed their rival European and American carriers for providing them with government support and also export credits for the purchase of Boeing Airbus.

Etihad and Emirates are two UAE-based airlines that are amongst the top international airlines. They are also part of the group called Aviation Alliance which was formed with the main idea of ending the 'home rule'.

The current rule that is followed in OECD countries prevents the airlines to take loans from countries that have production facility of Airbus and Boeing.

And names of some of the, closest rivals of UAE Airlines includes- Air France-KLM, British Airways and Lufthansa.

Talking about the same, Brian Jeffery, the senior vice president for corporate treasury at Emirates said that the Alliance was formed to provide wider perspective when it comes to export credit rule and also remove laws that stop competition.

Similar has been the direction of the group that has grown in the times when rivalry between the Persian and European rivals has grown.