Graziela Martins appointed as the AMEX UAE head

American-ExpressAmerican Express has made a huge strategic decision by appointing Graziela Martins as UAE Head of Merchant Acquiring and Partnerships in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

The decision is a very strategically important one as the MENA AMEX is one of the most important markets and is the largest single metropolitan market in the region.

Mrs. Martins will be the new face of the MENA AMEX and will be largely responsible for the entire management activities in the UAE region. She is in the UAE for almost a decade and a half and held the all important post of the marketing head of AMEX (MENA).

She has a wide experience ranging in different profiles which makes her a complete package to handle this post of the head. Previously she had worked in profiles of public relations, corporate communications, project management and premium card development.

AMEX would be looking forward to this change and is all set to scare their competitions under the safe hands of Mrs. Martins.