Indonesian Airport Security exposed the man who carried animals in flight

The police of Abu Dhabi have alleged that a bag full of with snakes and other animal was carried by an airline passenger. He took them from Indonesia to the United Arab Emirates in an eight hour flight.

It was found in transportation area that the menagerie with four snakes, two parrots and a squirrel inside a box. Previous week, they found it in the at Abu Dhabi's airport.

There is a refusal to give the name of the suspect or the final aim by the Police.

On Tuesday the information of Media have revealed that till now it is not understandable that how the animals went through authorities in Indonesia. There was no repeat of the 2006 movie Snakes on Plane. Nothing in the flight occurred like that.

None of the snake group was recognized by the police. It had been lined in a Dubai-based newspaper, 7 Days that the photos in the newspaper express that these were reticulated and blood pythons, both non-venomous as said by the professional. The authorities in Abu Dhabi are handling and caring these animals.