Decrease in profit on savings by the people of UAE

National BondsOn Tuesday the savings index survey have revealed that people of UAE are between the worst savers in the GCC as similar to their coin-conscious Bahraini counterparts.

It is found by the National Bonds GCC Savings Index that 1,183 residents are in their own thoughts about the country's saving environment, their own saving prospective and their financial strength of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and Oman.

In the matter of saving tools, the economy and job opportunities the highest saving environment is Qatar. Moreover in terms of saving money on the respondents' it also has the highest savings potential.

It is found in a report that the people having lowest saving scores are from the Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. There is a saying by a quarter of the people of the UAE that it is not a good time to keep.

They had a depressing view of their savings environment. This view was discovered equally by half of the people living in the Saudi Arabian.