US couple on trial for involuntary manslaughter

US couple on trial for involuntary manslaughterIn 2009 a two-year-old child died of a relatively minor condition because his parents who are from Philadelphia thought of curing him with prayers and not medicine. They were arrested for involuntary manslaughter.

Two-year-old Kent Schaible had started feeling ill in January 2009. His parents Herbert and Catherine rather than bringing him to the doctor, prayed for his healing.

Reports state that the teachings of their fundamentalist church were being followed by the couple and it teaches that sickness can be healed by prayers rather than by turning to doctors and conventional medicine.

The symptoms of Kent worsened over 10 days and these were chest congestion, sore throat, diarrhea, and difficulty in swallowing. His parents still did not take him to a doctor, rather they and other people prayed for the child.

He eventually died of bacterial pneumonia and this can be treated very easily by medical treatment and antibiotics.

It has been pointed out by prosecutors that Kent could have been saved if his parents had taken him to the doctor.

The trail has begun and Herbert and Catherine Schaible are being tried in the court.