Film festivals in Abu Dhabi encourage youths

Film FestivalComparing to the last year, number of sold tickets for the Abu Dhabi Film Festival (ADFF) has increased by 3 percent.

In an interview, Peter Scarlet who is said to be the executive director of ADFF has said that the ME countries are now performing excellently in the sphere of movie making and acting. The film industry in UAE and other ME countries is booming fast keeping in touch with modern times.

According to experts, next year the film festival will be more glamorous and attractive. The percentage of sold tickets will be on the rise as the producers, directors and the concerned authority of film industry have chalked out more effective plans to encourage viewers to visit the film festivals to watch movies at their convenience.

A short comprehensive survey has been conducted few days back by a team of experts. After investigation, in the survey reports, the experts have stated that this year approximately 30,000 viewers visited movie halls and entertainment centers to watch movies.

Tim Smythe who is the CEO of the Dubai-based Filmworks has claimed that this type of film festival boosts up young talented actors and viewers to show interest to celebrate film festival.