Private villa construction to get financing

Abu-Dhabu-Finance‘Mamlakaty’ mortgage has been started by Abu Dhabu Finance. The offer is for providing private finance for helping in construction of new private villas in Emirate of Abu Dhabi. The money is going to be given for construction and not buying of the villas.

Mamlakaty is going to provide all the trademark benefits that the company provides and is going to bear as much as 80 per cent of the building cost of villas. The rest 20 per cent is to be borne by the would-be owner of the villas.

This is similar to any other kind of home loan, with the exception that in this case high net worth buildings are going to be involved.

May has already seen the launch of the offering and said the company that it has been receiving positive feedback from the back not only from the existing clients of Abu Dhabi Finance but also a large number of outside customers.

The offer is only available for the Emirati nationals who have been looking for funds to finish off their villas so that they can trade them in the property market.