Being home is advantageous for UAE racing team

Abu-Dhabi-Adventure-ChallengeFor the UAE team that is taking part in the Abu Dhabi Adventure Challenge, being at their homeland is going to be proved advantageous. This is so because a part of the race involves a two-day trek through the Empty Quarter, which is one of the most dangerous routes.

What also added to their preparedness was a thrice a weekly session done on the desert found outside Dubai. For 2XU BlackBerry, this turned out to be very good once they took part in the 91km mountain bike section. In the whole process, the racers are supposed to weave around huge sand dunes.

During the whole session some of the bikers fall down and are forced to walk the rest of the race.

But that is not all for the UAE team. Some of the teams had been trained in snow since snow has the same consistency as land. But the difference was that of hot and cold temperature.

Sportsmen who are taking part in the race say that the whole thing was very exciting and that they are going to wait for it next year too.

The trek was for two-days and during the whole period the teams were provided with tents, food and water.