UAE graded subsequent main shareholder in Yemen

UAE graded subsequent main shareholder in YemenA United Arab Emirates (UAE) reserve in Yemen is on second position right subsequent to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) throughout the phase of 1992 to 2006, as per a study of the Foreign Commerce Ministry of UAE.

The learning exposed that the investments dispersed to the real estate division were initially trailed by the health sector, telecommunication sector, tourism sector, industry sector, and land transportation sector. Inside 2008, two latest investment schemes in the turf of agriculture were designed to be put into practice in Yemen.

According to information from the General Investment Authority of Yemen, the expenditure of UAE investments in Yemen in the period starting January to September 2009 amounted to approximately USD 800 thousand.

The review, furthermore, established that the UAE and Yemen are nearby associates in every field in particular in commercial and economic actions.

The research also spot out that the two nations were eager on set in motion the two-pronged accord signed and the movement guided by UAE groups for the accomplishment of imperative projects in diverse economic division of Yemen.