Board reshuffles brings hope for Dubai World

Dubai-WorldFor the troubled conglomerate, Dubai World there were new signs of hope since there has been a reshuffle in its board. That may have been true totally but for the fact that some of the people are unhappy since many of their questions are going unanswered.

Many have also supported the fact that some of the best business minds in Dubai have been put into the board, the step that has been welcomed by the financial market.

There have been four new appointments and they have been said to be the crème of commercial and political elite class. This has been done in a way to show that every possible step is taken to tackle the problems.

It is said to have reassured the shareholders that Dubai World's problems are going to be solved.

Most important, however, has been the intake of Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum as chairman since he has a strong reputation in the market. He is already running the Emirates Group and is also given the charge of Dubai Supreme Fiscal Committee (DFSC). DFSC has been given the charge to take care of recovery of the region.