Brownies make Maryland high schoolers sick

Brownies make Maryland high schoolers sickAccording to a county fire official, seven Maryland high schoolers fell ill suddenly after eating brownies on Thursday.

According to a Prince George's County fire department Twitter post, after receiving a call about several students becoming ill, paramedics rushed to Potomac High School in Oxon Hill, just south of Washington, just before 11 am.

There six students were transported to a local hospital after they found seven students sick after eating a food product.

According to Mark Brady, a spokesman for the county fire department, brownies made the high schoolers sick.

He said, "We're not sure what the brownies were made with."

Brady has stated that the students who were transported to the hospital are in a good condition. The department further clarified that the students must have suffered from some kind of allergic reaction or sudden illness.

Brady said that the scene was properly responded to by Prince George's County sheriff's deputies and police and collected samples of the brownies for testing.

A school spokeswoman said, “The brownies did not come from the cafeteria. Brady said their conditions are not serious. That is what we were told by students."