11 projects finished by Twofour54 this year

Twofour54Twofour54 ibtikar revealed that this year Eleven projects have been completed.

All the projects were from web-based episodes, advertisements and music videos.

Out of these 11 projects four were completed in the last two months all the way through the labours of 50 people, with them 15 Emiratis.

Mohammad Abdulhak, content development executive for twofour54 ibtikar said that they are pleased by their achievements. They got advices and ideas for projects from 70 people around the region and out of them most people do not have a background in this industry.

Twofour54 ibtikar: creative lab supported the two music videos to develop. First one was Amana Ya Emarati. This is a music video regarding the UAE.

UAE national Huda Amin Al Zarooni was the writer; he is a graduate of Ajman University of Science and Technology.

The second one was a rap music video allowed Ana Emarati by Khalifa Al Rumaithi. He is a Media student at Abu Dhabi's Men's College.

Al Rumaithi supposed that he was very surprised by seeing his skill with Abdulhak. He never thought that he would reach in such a level.