Yas Marina's first UAE GT Championship race got disappoint in hands

GT-Championship-Yas-Marina-CircuitThere was upset formed in first UAE GT Championship race at the Yas Marina Circuit formed because Raed Hassan and Bassam Kronfli powered their MSW Ginetta to largely victory. Yesterday GTA won in the opening sequence and had a class winning in the one-hour endurance.

The pair risks with the pre-race desired pairing of Karim al Azhari and Fabien Giroix because of being a part of the National Race Day series in racing on the North Circuit figuration at the Abu Dhabi service in the TAM Auto Engineering-powered Corvette for much of the race.

Al Azhari and Giroix were out of argument in the closing phases when the punctured tyre on the Corvette fall and Kronfli was to permit cross the line in first place.

Kronfli has alleged that this has only happened when he had got back to the lowest point. After that he realised that he and Hassan were champions.

He supposed that he was not sure if he had won still after crossing the line and he continued driving into parc ferme.