Afghanistan wants to fly high in sky holding hands with UAE

airbusesAfghanistan wants to fly high in the blue sky. In reality, the truth is that this ME country wants to improve the air traffic controlling system more competently so that airbuses will be able to discard accidents and air jamming very successfully.

However, the only drawback in the fulfillment of such wonderful dream is lack of adequate financial resources and sophisticated technology. Therefore recently, top brass of Afghanistan met the representatives and political leaders of the government of UAE for making a joint venture to renovate aviation industry in Afghanistan.

In past, UAE helped Kabul and Kandhar to finalize a growth oriented projects to upgrade aerodrome and air traffic controlling network. UAE funded that fruitful project.

Now it must be the turn of Afghanistan to take the technical help and financial aids from UAE to develop air traffic and air base using sophisticated technology to ensure better airline service to common persons.

An official spokesperson has ventilated the future vision of the Afghanistan government in Khaleej Times regarding the renovation and improvement of aviation industry in this ME country. Air passengers want security and protection while travelling by air. Afghanistan will fulfill the needs of customers.