Swine flu might kill 25-yr-old pregnant mum

Swine FluAfter contracting swine flu, a pregnant woman is fighting for her life in hospital.

Twenty-five-year-old Fallon Devaney is a mother-of-four and because she was struggling for breath was rushed to the Queen's Medical Centre.

The hospital confirmed that she had swine flu as she had been suffering flu symptoms for more than a week.

Devaney is in intensive care and is five months pregnant with her fifth child.

Since she was taken ill on Tuesday, her mother, Linda Fearney, from Beeston Rylands, has been at her daughter's bedside.

Fearney said, "She's near to death and it's touch and go. We do not know if she's going to survive."

A Facebook group called 'Get well soon Fallon' has been set up by friends as a show of support to her and her family.

According to Fearney, Fallon had recently moved from Beeston to Kirk Hallam, near Ilkeston.

She also added that her daughter had not taken vaccination against swine flu.

She further added, "Everyone in the family has gone and had the vaccination since Fallon was taken ill."

Devaney was in a critical condition at the QMC and this was confirmed by a spokesman for Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust.