Etihad continues flights to London

Etihad-AirwaysThe airlines company of the emirates, Etihad Airways, has continued operating in London after the phased re-opening of the Heathrow airport at London.

Flight EY11 made its departure from the Abu Dhabi airport at 9.25am, which was a delayed time from the initially scheduled time of 2.40am, while the flight EY19 made its departure at its scheduled time of 8.40am.

The plan of the Etihad Airways is to operate and run its EY17 on schedule, which will make its departure at 1.30pm today. All the times mentioned herein are local UAE time.

An extra flight to Manchester will be run at 2pm from Abu Dhabi along with passengers carried by coach to London.

According to James Hogan, the chief executive officer of Etihad Airways, they were extremely pleased and glad to have been able to continue operating its flights to London today morning and they present all their gratitude to their customers for their patience and understanding in this period full of much challenge.

The operation teams of Etihad Airways have been tirelessly working from the time disruption started and can now implement plans to make sure that their passengers go back home in time for the Christmas holidays.