More services are wished by Abu Dhabi residents

In a survey which was conducted by the Abu Dhabi Council for Urban Planning has disclosed that out of 100 percent 63 per cent of Abu Dhabi residents desires that the areas in which they live in need one or more neighborhood facilities.

According to Al Khaleej, the survey comprised of 10,882 family units. Out of them 3,124 UAE nationals disclosed that only 26 per cent of the residents were satisfied with their specific neighborhoods.

In this survey coincidentally the residents in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and the Western Region were also included. This survey was done within six weeks.

Most of the respondents expressed the need which they wanted, they thought for shopping malls, eating outlets such as restaurants and fun spots including parks, playgrounds.

Moreover in rural areas most of them suggested to make Health care centres.

Director General of the council, Falah Al-Ahbabi replied that they are concerned about people’s outlooks. They will surely take steps to improve upon existing services as stated by the idea of Abu Dhabi 2030.