Europe-UAE flights are now back on schedule

emirates-airlineOfficials have informed that the airline operations between Europe and UAE are back to operation. Now the flight schedules are back to their normal schedule. Some of the flights have gone for few diversions. But there were no cancellations of any flight.

Only the flight to Frankfurt has been diverted to Munich. The flight was carrying 206 passengers. Apart from this flight, all other flights are on schedule.

The Etihad PR Manager, Tom Clarke has said that all no passenger was suffered due to this diversion as all of them have taken to Frankfurt by train. They have been taken absolutely free of charge.

As per an Emirates spokesperson, all the airports of UK are open now and all the Emirates flights are back on duty. Destinations to the European nations along with all other nations are now back on schedule. He has also added that changing weather conditions is the only major issue for the industry.

However he has expected that such issues are not going to hamper the flights further.