Talks on the budget airlines by UAE executives

budget-airlineA recent poll resulted that more businessmen from the UAE are using the region’s increasing low-cost carrier (LCC) industry meant for short-haul lights than ever before. This survey was done by YouGov Siraj. It concluded that 64 percent of respondents said this was because they were flying for business reasons. In 2009 it had 48 percent.

Moreover out of five business travellers three alleged that in coming year 2011 they would use LCCs. And one of the five said that they would expect less to use to use budget airlines next year.

There was disagreement by the pollster that the change could have occurred due to the lack of an apparent distinction which was between standard seats at normal carriers and those provided by LLCs.

Scott Booth, research manager for travel and tourism at YouGov Siraj alleged that in near future there will be an increase in budgets and for this travellers had to face more and more difficulties.

To get rid of this problem they are turning to LCCs so that they could manage their whole budgets. He added that most travellers are flying economy not considering of the carrier.