In Lincolnshire during December, blood donations fall

blood-donationsTo make up for a shortfall caused by bad weather and the busy holiday season, the American Red Cross is seeking blood donors to help them.

Laurie Nehring of the American Red Cross Missouri-Illinois Blood Services Region said, “We’re hoping people are done with celebrating, and with the weather improving we’ll have more donors.”

Hospitals in the Kansas City area are served by this hospital.

Blood drive cancellations that would have yielded more than 400 pints were forced icy roads the past two weeks. About 460 fewer pints than anticipated were produced by low turnout at drives that were held.

The Kansas City-based Community Blood Center has not been running short this holiday season, although its shelves were bare this time last year.

Spokesman Stann Tate said that right now the supply was good. By planning and getting the word out to the donors, a good job has been done. But it was feared that this might not be the state always and more work was needed.

All eligible donors this week are being called by the Blood Service to roll up their sleeves in order to help maintain stocks over the holiday season.

This week the appointments are not much and are only half what they need to be and support is being asked by the Blood Service to help those in need at this time of year.