Free lawyers given to poor defendants in Dubai

LawA legal representation in the UAE is going to be held from the first public defenders' office. It would be free of cost and it would be provided to one who is charged as a criminal in a Dubai court or one who can’t afford a lawyer.

The emirate's Community Development Authority (CDA) will be building this new service. They are hoping that it will be started before 2012.

Yesterday the CDA's chief executive of human rights, Dr Ghaith Ghanim al Suwaidi has alleged that they need to grow the standard for human rights. Recently talks are held between them and many lawyers. They will discuss regarding the cases they can take in a year which is expected to be five or six from each lawyer.

However, no involuntary rights are given to a lawyer except in cases where there is chance of a blamed person to get sentence of life imprisonment or the death sentence.

A court-appointed lawyer can only be provided to those accused that has been in prison terms of between three and 15 years. A rigorous approvals process has to be gone through for it process.