From New Year’s Day free nicotine patches for smokers on NHS

nicotine-patchesAs part of a major drive to help smokers quit their habit in the New Year, free nicotine patches are to be offered on the NHS.

The Department of Health announced that for the first time, coupons giving smokers a week's free trial of the patches will be added to ‘Quit Kits’.

At participating pharmacies across the country, kits will be available and they will contain items such as calming audio downloads and health and wealth wheels showing the benefits of giving up.

Without the cancer-causing substances found in cigarettes, by gradually releasing nicotine into the bloodstream, the Nicotine Replacement Therapy, NRT, patches work.

Research shows that two-thirds of smokers want to stop and smokers can double their chances of giving up successfully by using them.

Health Secretary Andrew Lansley said, “January is the most popular time of year to try and quit smoking. To give smokers some extra help, we've launched a new Quit Kit with a free one-week trial of NRT patches.”

"Smoking can cost a 20-a-day smoker around £2,000 a year and the NHS billions every year, so giving smokers help to quit not only improves their health, but saves them and the NHS money.