2010’s New Zealander knighted

2010’s New Zealander knightedIn the year 2010 Philanthropist Ray Avery was judged the best New Zealander and he has been made a knight.

The 63-year-old scientist to fight global poverty and health issues has spent much of the decade developing low cost and sustainable solutions, including special lenses to counter cataract blindness.

According to Avery this year was lucky for him as two very special things happened to him. His second daughter was born a week ago and the announcement of the knighthood award makes this year even special.

It was in 1973 that he had come to New Zealand and the very first sight of it made him fall in love with this country. He added that the award to him meant that even New Zealand loved him.

At an awards ceremony attended by Prime Minister John Key in February, Avery was announced New Zealander of the Year.

Kiwis, who make a major contribution to the nation and inspire through their achievements are recognized by this award.

Millions of the world's most vulnerable are getting benefited by the former street kid turned scientist's low cost, sustainable medical devices, invented in the garage of his Auckland home.

Key said, "Ray Avery is a remarkable individual who overcame the odds to become an inspiration to all New Zealanders. This is a man who believed in himself and rose above his circumstances to attain excellence."