Nurse gets DSD for helping Afghan women, children

Nurse gets DSD for helping Afghan women, childrenFor her work to improve the conditions in an Afghan prison and hospital, a New Zealand Defence Force nurse has received the New Zealand Distinguished Service Decoration, DSD.

Poor conditions in Bamiyan prison for women were what she saw when she was deployed to Afghanistan in 2009. Major Suzanne Lynn Carter of the Royal New Zealand Nursing Corps saw that these women even had babies and some were pregnant.

Getting basic medical care like heating, baby food, clothing and more was provided to the inmates through fundraising initiated by her.

Resulting in a business opportunity for local women, she also instituted a process to locally manufacture modern reusable nappies.

Afghan government was prompted by her lobbying to provide monthly medical clinics at the prison and to consider creating a separate women's compound.

To work with women on their basic mothering skills after leaning of inadequacies in that area, she also arranged for a child health specialist at a Bamiyan hospital.

Recognizing his contribution to information technology in the Defence Force through its Information Technology, Academy Warrant Officer Donald Napier is also awarded the DSD.