Heavyweight challenge in front of the nation

Heavyweight challenge in front of the nationThe trend of supersizing shows no sign of slowing down as a quarter of Kiwis are now obese.

About 25 per cent of the population aged 15 and over is obese, the Ministry of Health's 2010 social report shows. In 1997 this rate was about 19 per cent but has now increased.

Every second respondent wanted to lose kilos, according to a poll out last week, but despite making attempt, a majority will end up failing. Businesses are keeping up to the trend by making coffins, clothing and hospital beds to accommodate supersize people.

About 95 out of 100 dieters will not yield any result when it comes to shedding weight and would rather end up putting it on, Waikato Hospital dietitian Helen Wallwork says.

She said, "As a profession we're not very keen on dieting. We'd prefer to see people adopt more healthy eating patterns."

This simply means that people do not know how to eat healthy like they do not have much knowledge about eating colored food like fruits and vegetables of different colors that are healthy and many consider chips as vegetable, which is a big mistake.

Following this problem, the hospital's latest addition is the country's first purpose-built emergency room for patients who are very heavy.