Even size 12 women think they are fat

size-12-women-fatA very interesting survey on women psychology has revealed that most of the women who can fit into size 12 dresses feel that they are still fat. To be exact 16 out of 17 women feel that way even if they fit into their dress comfortably and are of healthy weight.

The study, conducted on over 2,000 British women who volunteered and shared their attitude towards their weight, revealed that this is a disturbing element for the self-esteem of British women.

The research also considered the height and weight quotient of the women surveyed to find out whether they are actually fit, overweight or underweight. Interestingly, as much as 87 per cent of the women, whose weight was just fine according to their height, seemed unhappy when they were asked to see themselves in the mirror and pick one of twelve given adjectives to describe themselves.

However, the biggest surprise was that only one in 17 (six per cent) of the women with a healthy body mass index accepted themselves as slim.

On the contrary, a similar survey on men revealed that only six per cent of the men with a healthy body mass described themselves as fat.