Positive healthcare trends reviewed in 2010

Positive healthcare trends reviewed in 2010The U. S. Department of Health and Human Services is hopeful that the year gone by will be considered as a year when the country's healthcare system saw major developments and improvements.

Some of the developments were cigarette companies were imposed with tougher marketing regulations and to ensure food safety there were increased measures. The controversial Affordable Care Act also came into being last year under which by 2014 most Americans will have health insurance.

NHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius says the nation's health will be improved drastically with the recent legislation.

Sebelius said, "I'm proud of these accomplishments and the men and women in our department who made them possible and remain firmly committed to our mission to provide critical health and human services to the people of this nation."

A lot needs to be done despite statistics showing that in the country there have been many positive healthcare trends.

It was stated by a recent data that was released by the Kaiser Foundation that health insurance coverage is lacked by 50 million Americans. However, for successfully enrolling more children in Medicaid, a number of states were recently awarded bonus funds from the government.