Worker struck with tree branch, stable

Worker struck with tree branch, stableA forestry worker had to pay back for felling a tree by undergoing a surgery in Gisborne hospital for getting a tree branch removed from his arm.

When the branch sprang back, the worker who is 30-year-old on Thursday in the Wharerata Forest, south of the city, in the morning hours had just felled a tree.

The ECT rescue helicopter that had come to help the man from Gisborne was full of a team from St John paramedic team on board. There was a tree branch stuck through his arm that was trimmed back to near the man's arm on both sides and in the same condition he was flown to hospital.

The man was declared to be in a safe condition when he was flown to the hospital.

The injured worker is now getting treated at the hospital. It was being thought earlier that his treatment would not be easy but it later proved out to be not a very tough job.

His entire shoulder was seen affected by the injury that was caused by the tree branch and the surgery done to get him back in a stable condition was reported to be successful.