Unnecessary defibrillator implants

Unnecessary defibrillator implantsAccording to United States research, there might be a rise in the cost of care and risk of complications as implantable heart defibrillators are being used by people and these defibrillators do not meet treatment guidelines.

Due to people having a recent heart attack or a severe heart failure is diagnosed, so-called implantable cardioverter defibrillators, ICDs, are used by about 22.5 per cent of people and these equipments do not meet treatment guidelines.

Dr Sana Al Khatib of the Duke Clinical Research Institute in Durham, North Carolina said, "The 22.5 per cent rate is way too high and definitely much higher than what I had expected."

For restoring normal heartbeats, an electric impulse is delivered by ICDs after detecting dangerous heart rhythms. Sudden cardiac death is then avoided and in such a condition, the heart cannot pump blood.

Experts state that people who have had a recent heart attack should not use the devices and even people who are in the process of recovering from a heart bypass surgery.

The sales of devices can get affected by these findings. A global market of more than US$10 billion is represented by ICDs and pacemakers.