Experts find contraceptive implants effective in NZ

Experts find contraceptive implants effective in NZExperts have stated that problems will be caused by contraceptive devices after being incorrectly inserted under the skin and this has resulted in hundreds of unplanned pregnancies in Britain.

Implanon was authorized for use in 1999, while using the contraceptive Implanon, unplanned pregnancies were caused by nearly 600 British women.

Due to the matchstick-sized implant not getting properly inserted under the upper arm’s skin; most of the failures took place. But the effectiveness of the devices was 99.9 per cent when they were put properly.

About nine women have till date complained about the failure of the device and the British Government has so far paid 200,000 or NZ$409,000 in costs and damages to these women.

In New Zealand, Implanon and another contraceptive implant, Jadelle, are available but government subsidized is only Jadelle. Jadelle has been used by about 3000 women since its funding began in August by Pharmac.

However, the Health Ministry and other medical groups said yesterday they did not know of any concerns about the implants in New Zealand.

Stewart Jessamine, manager of government watchdog Medsafe, said, “The problems with Implanon mostly related to difficulty inserting or removing the implant."