‘ProPoints programme actually works’

‘ProPoints programme actually works’ Nurse Emer Bouanem for about 10 years had to remain several dress sizes larger than what she always wanted to be.

Emer would lose a few pounds sticking to strict diet regimens but her lost weight always came back and at times even more.

Her busy lifestyle always made her feel hungry and weak with the diets that she followed for losing her weight.

For Emer, who lives in South London with her hotel -manager husband, Kamel, everythinh changed two months back. It all happened with the new Weight Watchers ProPoints system.

She says that it is for the first time that she has found a diet that actually works and it is not very difficult to be a part of the diet regimen.

Emer said, "I finally realized my weight had got completely out of control at the end of last year."

She added that one does not have to keep counting calories, and avoid certain foods rather it is about losing weight and still eating food you love.

One of the early trials of the ProPoints programme was joined by Emer and she was thrilled at the results.