UAE strikes Canadian voyagers With Disciplinary Visa Charge

UAE-AirlinesThe United Arab Emirates has enforced tough visa fees on Canadian travelers in the fresh volley in a clash over U. A. E. airlines' right of entry to Canada.

Canadians who are travelling to the Middle Eastern nations can no further attain a no-fee visa valid for 1 month ahead of their entry.

As per the latest regulations, visitors will have to fill a visa application at the U. A. E. Embassy in Ottawa 15 days prior to the departure time.

The cost initiates at $250 for a 30 day non-renewable visa, $500 for 3 months, and cap at $1,000 for a 6-month multiple entry visa.

The U. A. E. Embassy in Ottawa declared on its website past week that the costs are a integral part of a worldwide visa system taken in use for people of all nations those who are not exempted from getting a visa prior to entry into the U. A. E.

Canadians shall now also be getting visas by the help of the travel agencies and hotels in the U. A. E., in addition to through U. A. E. airlines Etihad Airways and Emirates Airlines.