Alzheimer's can be diagnosed in its early stage

Alzheimer's can be diagnosed in its early stageAlzheimer's disease will now be more accurately diagnosed as scientists at the Scripps Research Institute in Jupiter have come out with a technology for doing so. And it has also been added that even other tough-to-diagnose diseases can be diagnosed.

In a paper, the technology was described and it was stated to be in a very early stage.

The technology has been licensed by a Miami-based company, Opko Health Laboratories after believing its' significance. A spokesman said that with an aim of commercializing the test and using it on other diseases, an office will be made near Scripps, in Jupiter, and research will be expanded.

A member of Scripp's board of trustees, Dr Phillip Frost is Opko's chairman and CEO. Before this he worked at the Ivax Pharmaceuticals as the CEO.

The institute that was made in 2004 with more than half-billion taxpayer dollars, is expected to come out with a discovery that is very significant and important commercially and will be represented by Scripps Florida chemist Thomas Kodadek.

The University of Texas Southwestern Medical School has the intellectual property rights. In 2009 Scripps was recruited by Kodadek, who had his own lab at UT.