First nuclear power plant eyed by Saudi Arabia

As per the media reports, a nuclear power plant would be built by the world's top oil exporter, Saudi Arabia, with the aim of scrapping down frequent power outages in its industrial zone.

Thursday saw Saudi minister of water and electricity, Abdullah al-Hosain declaring that the kingdom was working on plans for the country's first nuclear power plant. The high power demand, which have arisen from the monarchy's rapid economic growth, has left Saudi Arabia, which sits atop 25 percent of the world's proven petroleum reserves, in deep struggle.

The largest Arab economy has been compelled into blackouts of up to five hours a day in Jeddah, due to the high power demand in the industrial sectors. Many oil exporting Persian Gulf littoral states, in order to cut costs and carbon dioxide emission, have been looking for nuclear energy as their future source of electricity generation.

It is after the US inked civil nuclear power deals the United Arab Emirates last year that the announcement has come to scene. By 2015, the UAE expects to have its maiden nuclear power plant generating electricity.