Merchant set free of tampering Dubai World Ports papers

A trader has been set cleared of faking a Dubai World Ports record, endorsing a driver's work to a manager and raising his salary to get a British student visa for his lad.

The Dubai Court of initial Instance on Thursday didn’t find guilty the 38-year-old Pakistani trader of cheating regarding a salary certificate and presenting it to the visa division at the British Embassy, for not having enough evidence.

“That’s not at all true, that's completely untrue. I have not forged any of the official papers,” argued 38-year-old trader at the time when he was defending himself in the court.

Prosecutors put the charge on the convicts of corrupting a salary certificate by Dh 6,000 to Dh12000 and then corrupting the details by raising the 45-year-old Pakistani candidate’s job portrayal by driver to supervisor and giving in the papers to the British Embassy to get a student visa for his lad.