Lufthansa plans to take Gulf carriers down

Tim-Clark-EmiratesTim Clark, the Middle Eastern carrier's president, has alleged in an interview that Lufthansa's plans to weaken its enemy business model for which it offer to stop Dubai-based Emirates helping more German cities.

Clark has alleged that Cologne-based Lufthansa has been successful in its way. Emirates has been stopped from gaining landing slots in Stuttgart and at the new Berlin-Brandenburg International airport in reception area. These are planned to begin in June next year.

He further alleged that the main aim of Lufthansa is to control the market of Gulf carriers. He has supposed that before this summer Emirates targets to start again with the German government over the opening issue.

Lufthansa spokesman Peter Schneckenleitner has alleged that governments have been discussion over the traffic lights. It is not under airlines. There will be no effect over decision making by his company.

The No. 1 airline of the world on international routes, Emirates and European and US carriers are having lots of issues between themselves, in the recent times.