Travel websites must post malaria warnings

malariaExperts have stated that warnings on malaria should be posted by travel websites that offer deals if there is a possibility of it at a particular place.

About three patients were treated by doctors in about a week after these patients, all from the UK, returned from The Gambia from `winter sun' holidays and got infected with malaria.

Holidays by all these people were booked using the same travel website and they were in their 40s and 50s.

Before traveling no proper advice was taken by any one among them.

They would have already had the information that malaria in the Western African country is an endemic and they should have made attempts to find out about that place before they set off for the holiday.

Doctors state that by taking simple precautionary measures, one can get saved from the disease. Wearing long sleeves shirts, appropriate trousers, taking a malaria prevention tablet and using a mosquito repellant can keep the disease at bay.

The most serious form of malaria - falciparum malaria was found in all the three patients and without the right treatment it can prove fatal too.

One of the doctors, John Widdrington, said, "Many travel websites and holiday brochures, including the website used by our patients, make no specific reference to the risk of contracting malaria."