Charity says dementia sufferers forced into homes early

Charity says dementia sufferers forced into homes earlyA report has warned that a preventable bill of about £70m to the taxpayer every month can be there with sub-standard care as this will force about 50,000 people with dementia into care homes earlier than needed.

For everyday tasks like dressing, washing and shopping not much help is there for most of the people and as per the Alzheimer's Society, a majority of people who are sufferers prefer to live and be cared for at home.

As a result, there would be unnecessary admissions of about thousands of people to hospitals and certain people would be there at care homes.

A picture of severe neglect was painted when a survey of patients and care workers was done. The charity also states that the situation was bound to become worse seeing the present scenario of spending cuts.

More than 50 per cent of the carers said that not enough care was being given to people who were suffering from dementia. People were most of the times left unattended as they were malnourished, wore incontinence pads for long and were bedridden.

Jeremy Hughes, chief executive of Alzheimer's Society, said, "It was an absolute travesty that so many people with dementia are being forced to struggle without the care and support they need. The consequences of this represent an unacceptable human and financial cost."