Property market is a major concern for UAE

Shahid-Hameed-GIHThe markets in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) will have to face problems like profit minimization in recent times. This is due to the decline in property prices in the country. However, this will not affect medium to long-term investors and local stocks will have barely any loss in the region.

According to Shahid Hameed, Global Investment House, head of asset management for the Gulf region, UAE markets will keep struggling because of issues in the real estate sector.

Most of the listed companies are facing the heat directly or indirectly, whether they are developers, suppliers or banks.

Real estate is appropriate to have a long cycle, the UAE is now three years into an improvement and there are probably chances another couple of years to come. This improvement will keep the economy under pressure, especially in Dubai, and carry on negative response on UAE markets as stated by him.

However downbeat investors have left UAE markets after failing to earn the surplus return equities which are expected to charge to balance for higher risk.