Priyadarshan to direct the first Indian movie in Abu Dhabi

priyadarshanOne of India's most famous and popular directors, Priyadarshan will shoot his upcoming film in Abu Dhabi. It will be the first Indian movie to be shot completely on location in the UAE.

The project is a conglomerate between the UAE's Jancos Entertainment and the Indian producing team which comprises of Ashok Kumar, Jamal Nuaimi and Naveen Shashidharan.

It is hoped that the movie will be family fare and the movie will be called 'The Arabian, the Camel and Madhavan Nair. Mohanlal, Laxmi Rai and Bhavana are the leading stars of the film. Director Priyadarshan has made 81 movies till now and he has won critical plaudits for Kanjeevaram in the year 2008.

The movie will show the world, the secure beauty and dignity of the emirate's landscape and vibrant culture. Yet Abu Dhabi has not been touched by the global film industry. Abu Dhabi wants to reveal the world its magnificence and richness as stated by the Director to Emirates News Agency WAM.

Moreover the director has thanked the Abu Dhabi film Commission for providing its support.