Video games can bring you closer to family

Video-games-familyIt has been stated by a new study in the US that good mental health and strong family relationships with their parents is something that girls established with their parents after playing video games.

About 287 families were involved in a study that was conducted by the researchers at the Brigham Young University's School of Family Life, and various things like mental health, family connection, positive behavior and aggression were measured by researchers.

It is felt that girls bond more with fathers more than mothers and their choice of games is completely different than that of boys.

Dr. Judith Myers-Walls, Professor Emeritus of Child Development and Family Development at Purdue University said, “They can talk about stuff, make decisions together, where they're not just trying to beat each other."

It was added that while playing games, it is more about doing discussions and motivating others to do and play well and that is why according to researchers it is a good relationship-building exercise.

It was stated by researchers that the complete purpose is defeated if the games are not according to age and it is not necessary that if girls are effected in a way by a game then even boys will be effected in the same way.