Hopes for cure of HIV!

Hopes for cure of HIV!In a startling disclosure, the researchers in Melbourne have managed to find a way to cure the body from viral infections like tuberculosis, Hepatitis B and HIV.

Initially, all that could be done for the help in cases of HIV was the introduction of anti-retroviral drugs. According to the new findings conducted by Dr. Marc Pellegrini, there are hormones that might be able to reinvigorate the immune system, to do what intense therapies relating complicated drugs cannot.

According to him, HIV shall soon be treated as a potentially curable ailment rather than a chronic one.

The experiment was conducted on a mouse. It was injected with interleukin-7 that is a hormone. The result of it was that the animal’s immune system was reinvigorated, and it got free from a chronic infection due to the same.

There were quite positive results seen in mice, they did respond well to the treatment. The question is whether the same could be used for humans as well? The researchers are ready to test this treatment on humans and it shall show whether there is a reason to be happy about or not.

There are chances that the HIV virus can be controlled to a great deal with the use of this treatment. There might be a way in which there could be a cure found for the disease as well.