NHS can not work if GPs don’t cooperate

NHS can not work if GPs don’t cooperateThe changes that Andrew Lansley’s White Paper that was out in July 2010 might bring have been thought over again and again by NHS, patients and the hospitals as they will get affected directly by the biggest revolution in the health service's 62 year history.

Seven months have already passed and it is still not clear if GPs, key players in the reform, will be able to take up the challenge. It has been realized by the Health Secretary that GPs are needed to fulfill what he wants. And if they do not stand by then the revolution will not take place.

The revolution would mean GPs having most of the control over NHS sepnding of about £80 billion that will enableprivate firms becoming a part of a healthcare market that will be open for any provider who is willing.

This can form an NHS that will be entirely different from what it is now. Private organizations like Boots, BUPA, etc might become a part of the race for running clinics and hospitals and making GPs work for providing care to NHS patients.