School milk in kids can avoid tumors later

School milk in kids can avoid tumors laterStudy has stated that the risk of bowel cancer can be reduced among children who drink school milk as adults.

New Zealand experts said that if children have half a pint of milk for about four years then there can be a 20 per cent reduction in the risk of developing a tumor when they become adults. This risk can be cut further by 40 per cent if milk is consumed by kids for more than six years.

Cancer cells are killed by calcium that further protects the bowel.

Until 1971 in primary schools of UK, free milk used to come but in 1971 it stopped and now UK campaigners who want free milk brought back have supported the findings.

Seeing the 20 and 40 per cent reduction in tumor risks by milk consumption by youngsters, researchers state that milk should be consumed and is a necessity.

About 562 people, who were 30 to 69 years of age and suffered from bowel cancer, were compared with people who were healthy. These people were asked about their milk consumption when they were in primary schools.

Studies state that milk is good because it provides calcium to the body that aids in killing cancer cells.