Alcohol-related hospital admission rise

Alcohol-related hospital admission riseAccording to a charity, by 2015, people getting admitted in hospitals due to drinking in the UK could lead to a yearly rise of about 1.5 million every year.

If no attempts are taken to stop the growing numbers of people who drink, the NHS will have to dish out £3.7bn annually.

The charity states that GP practices and hospitals should have alcohol specialists employed.

In summer, the Department of Health said that a new alcohol strategy will be published to cut down alcohol consumption.

Alcoholic liver disease kills thousands annually and this is happening because of drinking.

There are various side effects of drinking like certain cancers, stroke and even problems of the heart.

Alcohol services need investment to stop rising number of cases and if every year by the end of Parliament if alcohol service does not get better then 1.5 million people will need treating every year.

Across the health service, there should be alcohol workers employed to check the drinking menace.

Don Shenker, chief executive at Alcohol Concern, said, "With the prime minister saying that NHS is becoming 'increasingly unaffordable', we can show how billions can be saved simply by introducing alcohol health workers in hospitals to help patients reduce their drinking.”