Pressure mounts on the NHS following council cuts

Pressure mounts on the NHS following council cutsExperts have predicted that due to certain cuts being announced, there will be fall-outs from the cuts and the NHS will have to deal with them.

Health bosses, public health chiefs and charities stated that there will be inevitable consequences due to a working relationship that will develop between the two.

Services that were most at risk were services that were meant for young people who were vulnerable, mental health and care for the elderly.

Some fear hospitals could get clogged with extra patients due to the cuts.

In the past week announcements have been made by councils. Some services will be cut like youth services, leisure services, social care support and day centers.

Funding of the local government will have to be cut in the next four years by about a quarter. And following these announcements, people think that the local government will have to start doing savings which will be announced in autumn’s spending review.

It has been felt that even health services will not be left out and will bear the impact of these cuts.

Dr Frank Atherton, president of the Association of Directors of Public Health, said that NHS and the local government are partners in working when it comes to mental health and public health and this is a matter of concern now.

He said, "When budgets get tight there is always a risk that partnership working suffers."