Gypsy family moves to 12th home in 12 years for troubling people

Gypsy family moves to 12th home in 12 years for troubling peopleThe number 12 seems to be very important for this gypsy family that due to angry neighbors is about to move into their 12th council house with their 12 children in about 12 years.

The couple, 42-year-old Tom O’Leary and his wife 39-year-old Tanya Welch was alleged of littering and abusing their neighbors and have to now vacate a £1.2million house in Muswell Hill, north London.

There were about 28 complaints filed against the family that were received by the Haringey Council that is evicting the family but due to council regulations have to give a home to them.

It was stated recently that for about one year the family was involved in anti-social behavior that meant loud arguments late in the night and verbal abuses. They were also seen throwing garbage in neighbors’ gardens.

One neighbor said, “We feel really vulnerable right now. I've called the council to complain of young children unattended and naked in the street but they seem to do nothing. The police do nothing so the neighbors are coming together to get something done.”

On the other hand Tanya denied the allegations and said that the police has been over to their place almost countless times and she now needs a caravan site where they can move to and there are no neighbors to get bothered.