‘Older people not being treated with respect by NHS’

‘Older people not being treated with respect by NHS’According to an official report, older people in England are not being treated with respect, care and dignity by the NHS.

About 10 cases were reviewed in detail by the Health Service Ombudsman and it was concluded then.

Serious complaints that are lodged against the NHS are handled by the ombudsman and distress, neglect and pain was suffered by people who are more than 65 years of age.

According to charities, these conclusions were not right but it was admitted by the government that improvement was the need of the hour.

Ombudsman had concluded this by reviewing only 10 cases and said that it means the cases that were not reviewed were left out and their details could not be taken.

About 18 per cent of the total complaints made by people last year out of nearly 9,000 complaints to the ombudsman were about people who are old. About 226 cases were accepted for investigation.

It was stated that older patients experienced entirely different experiences than what the values and principles NHS have.

The analysis that the ombudsman conducted had made several themes clear.